Press Release
April 9, 2011


Senator Edgardo J. Angara said that the development of 'green' industries presents many new business opportunities that the Philippines should aggressively seize.

Angara, Chair of the Congressional Commission of Science, Technology and Engineering (COMSTE), said that moving towards Renewable Energy (RE) would help end the era of fossil fuel dependency and simultaneously stimulate the growth of new industries.

COMSTE is aggressively pursuing the development of RE industries in the Philippines by capitalizing on Public Private Partnerships (PPPs), which link the initiatives of government, academe and industry for a common goal.

At a recently held forum hosted by the Licensing Executive Society (LES) entitled "Business Opportunities in Clean Technology," presentations from local and international experts highlighted the business potential of investing in renewable technologies.

Dr. Bertram Huber, of the Intellectual Property for Sustainable Energy Ventures (IP*SEVA) based in Germany, presented an overview of the clean energy technologies and worldwide trends, which indicated the growth potential of RE industries.

Dr. Ronnie Sargento of the Department of Energy (DOE) discussed the legal and regulatory framework for RE in the country. He also noted that the DOE is set to, "aggressively develop renewable energy potential such as geothermal biomass, hydropower, solar, wind and ocean resources." The DOE is also in support of increasing the use of alternative fuels.

Other discussions during the forum revolved around the premise that new green industries will progress as society learns to deal with the effects climate change. The proper identification and development of these 'green' industries will be the key in addressing socio-economic issues stemming from climate change.

Angara is the author of the Renewable Energy Act of 2008, which encourages local entrepreneurs to go into the development of the country's vast renewable energy resources and decrease our dependence on imported fossil fuel.

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