Press Release
March 29, 2011

Opening Remarks, 9th hearing on the Plea Bargaining Hearing

Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen:

There is a Chinese saying that most of us would be familiar with. It goes, "The Journey of a Thousand Miles begins with a single step".

I am sure that by now, we have all realized that the Blue Ribbon Committee hearings on the issue at hand is, indeed, going to be a thousand-mile journey. Today would hopefully be another single step meaningfully taken and which will bring us closer to our goal.

Many times, we may have felt that this thousand-mile journey is taking too long; that it is being unnecessarily dragged by those who find it to their personal benefit to make the task of discovering the truth next to impossible. Many of our countrymen share that sense of exasperation.

But move on, we must. We must take that one more single step today. That is Trust reposed on our shoulders by our countrymen. That is Trust we cannot betray.

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