Press Release
March 28, 2011


In a recent interview, Senator Edgardo J. Angara called for an overhaul of the current Philippine educational practices as part of the policy-level reform needed to improve the state of the country's educational system.

He outlined the two major issues that should be addressed immediately: the revamp of the present curriculum and taking better care of our teachers.

"First of all, we should shift more towards technological courses because that's what the nation needs right now. Without a dynamic scientific sector, there will be no innovations to spur the Philippine's growth," he said.

According to Angara, chair of the Senate committee on Science and Technology, the government should provide incentives for the development of the science and engineering sectors.

"We must strive to attract the brightest minds towards the industries that will contribute to the growth and progress of the country," said Angara.

Second, maintaining the welfare and morale of our teachers--the "heart of the Philippine's educational system"--must also be prioritized by the government.

"Recruitment is not the problem: the entry-level salary for a public school teacher is reasonable but it lags behind after a few years. The compensation does not grow along with the teacher's experience," he explained.

Angara also outlined the rationale behind these proposed changes--not just for the education system, but rather, helping in the advancement of the country.

"These reforms serve a bigger purpose than just advancing the education sector--these are reforms geared towards the development of the nation as a whole," he asserted.

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