Press Release
March 21, 2011

Session hall

Q: On CA decision on Lacson case

DRILON: With the decision of the Court of Appeals, Senator Lacson should now surface because the court has made it clear that the warrant of arrest cannot be served anymore. Of course the Supreme Court can always review the decision but as of now the warrant of arrest has been quashed, the criminal case has been dismissed and unless reinstated by the SC, this is the situation.

Since his passport has been cancelled, he should go to the nearest Philippine consulate or embassy, assuming that he's abroad, and secure a travel document for him to come back. But I would urge him to come back because his continued absence is not good.

Q: Kahit na siya ay lumutang, he still has to face the charges?

DRILON: The CA has dismissed the criminal case and has quashed the warrant. So as of now, there is no case. Unless later on the SC would set aside the CA decision and reinstate the criminal case. But as we speak today, there is no case. There is no criminal case pending.

Q: Sir isang importanteng vote siya for or against impeachment of Ombudsman?

DRILON: I did not think of it in those terms. I am just making a comment on the legal situation as of now.

Q: Pwede na siyang bumalik agad sa trabaho as a senator?

DRILON: Pwede na syang bumalik agad sa trabaho bilang senador. Sa katunayan sinabi ng CA na dapat payagan na syang bumalik sa senado.

Q: Sir wala nang procedure yon na dapat DoJ pa... mag meeting pa daw DoJ at prosecutors

DRILON: They can meet, certainly they should, but insofar as the decision is concerned, the criminal case has been dismissed, the warrant of arrest has been quashed, the CA has warned that nobody should serve the warrant of arrest under pain of an arbitrary detention, that he should resume his work in the Senate.

Q: Pag inakyat ng pamilya Dacer sa SC, pwede pa rin appeal yung CA ruling?

DRILON: Hindi pwedeng umakyat ang pamilya ng mga Dacer ng kaso dahilan sa ito'y people of the Philippines at ang DoJ ang dapat umakyat. Ang pwede lang iakyat ng pamilya Dacer yung civil aspect of the criminal case. But the criminal case mismo ay hindi na pwede, hindi sila kundi ang DoJ at ang SolGen.

Q: Iglesia ni Cristo nakikialam daw to vote against impeachment? Dapat ba makialam ang isang religious organization?

DRILON: I do not know. I do not even know how true that statement is so i don't want to comment.

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