Press Release
March 18, 2011


In light of the ongoing relief efforts in the disaster-stricken Japan as well as the state of calamity in Visayas and Mindanao, Senator Edgardo J. Angara calls for enhanced safety training for our public workers.

Aside from the Department of Public Works and Highway's ongoing inspection of buildings and bridges in the Philippines, Angara said that the state should also ensure that our "most important resource--our people--are prepared to handle whatever comes our way."

"Now that the government is already moving to secure our country's infrastructure through the DPWH, I believe it's time to focus on preparing the state workers who would be in charge of keeping the people safe during calamities or emergencies," he said.

Angara authored Senate Bill No. 2618, or the Philippine Public Safety College System Act of 2010. This bill seeks to establish a training institution for our public servants tasked with enforcing the law and maintaining the safety of the people.

Uniformed bureaus such as the police force, firefighters and jail management personnel will be provided with continuing education and development through this college.

"The policemen and firefighters--they will be the first ones to respond to all sorts of calamities. The public relies on them to provide solutions in emergency situations, therefore it is the state's responsibility to ensure they can continue to handle the increasing demands of their positions," he asserted.

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