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March 11, 2011

"Face Real Issues" Guingona dares Gutierrez

Blue Ribbon Committee Chairman Senator TG Guingona recently urged Ombudsman Merceditas Gutierrez to "answer the real issues presented in the Blue Ribbon Committee Report, instead of distracting the public and clouding the accusations she is facing."

Guingona issued the call in the wake of what he said is an "apparent campaign by Gutierrez to side-step the issues and to focus instead on non-essential contentions".

It will be recalled that the report said that Gutierrez and the team of Special Prosecutor Wendell Barreras - Sulit "betrayed the public trust in entering into the Plea Bargaining Agreement with Major Gen. Carlos Garcia."

Guingona pointed out that Gutierrez has failed to address the issues raised in the Blue Ribbon Committee Report in her media appearances after the report has been released.

Guingona is referring to the allegations of Ombudsman Gutierrez on the issue of impartiality of the Senators who signed in the Blue Ribbon Committee Report.

"There is a deliberate attempt here to cloud the issues," Guingona emphasized.

The handling of the General Garcia plea bargaining agreement "shows gross negligence on the part of the Ombudsman and the team of Special Prosecutors; it shows that they deliberately weakened the case; and it shows that they took an inconsistent stand on the case to mislead and confuse the people" Guingona reiterated.

Guingona reminded Gutierrez that it is "unfair to make people lose their sight of what the real important issues are".

"Ombudsman Gutierrez should be explaining her failure to live up to the mandate of her office instead" Guingona said.

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