Press Release
March 8, 2011


With the Philippine Regulatory Commission (PRC) set to announce the new batch of registered Medical Technologists, Senator Edgardo J. Angara called for an improvement in the training and performance of health professionals in the Philippines.

The last MedTech Board exam conducted in September of 2010 had a passing percentage of 71.21, or 910 out of 1278 takers.

Angara recently filed Senate Bill No. 2722 or the "Medical Technology Act of 2011", which will replace the now-obsolete R.A. 5527 enacted in 1969 to define the functions and require the registration of Medical Technologists in the Philippines. This new bill seeks to improve the education of the Medical Technologists in the country to be at par with the rest of the world's medical professionals.

"Health workers from the Philippines have long been in high demand throughout the world. Through this bill, we hope to improve the curriculum of educational institutions so that they keep up with the rapid developments in medical technology and research," explained Angara.

According to Angara, chair of the Senate Committee on Education, Culture and the Arts, proper training and education are vital for our healthcare workers.

"We want our professionals to become globally competitive through proper training and continuous education. We want to ensure that our Medical Technologists are equipped with all the knowledge and skills required to deliver all the services under their profession," he asserted.

The bill would establish a Board of Medical Technology, operating under the PRC. The board, tasked to oversee the implementation of the act, shall be composed of a Chairman and two qualified members all appointed by the president.

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