Press Release
March 7, 2011


Senator Edgardo J. Angara called upon government to act against the imminent food crisis in the Philippines as a long-term effect of the crisis in the Middle East.

"Now, the rising price of crude oil would not just trigger but accelerate the increase of food costs worldwide. This would be felt first and foremost by those living in poverty," he said.

The increase in gasoline prices, he says, is an immediate backlash from the trouble in the oil-producing countries but we must be warned of its lingering effect on food costs in the nation.

"Looking at the numbers, I fear that emergency food security measures might not be enough to address future problems. The average Filipino family spends about half of its income on food alone--if this expense eats up any more of the household budget, Filipinos will have to scrimp on other basic necessities," he explained.

According to the veteran legislator, renewable energy sources and a bolstered agriculture industry would address these national issues.

"A way to avoid these problems is by lessening our country's dependence on oil as a primary source of fuel, perhaps through renewable energy alternatives which are being developed by our scientists.

"Another solution is by boosting our food security by strengthening the agriculture sector so we can stabilize food prices in addition to becoming more self-sufficient," he explained.

Angara urged the nation's leaders to work with the private sector to achieve these goals as soon as possible.

"The problem is here upon us--the fluctuating price of gasoline is but a factor in the long-term food security in our country. The key is within our grasp, just as long as both private and public agencies work together," he said.

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