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February 23, 2011

Enrile: EDSA 1 changed the world

The People People Revolution at Edsa in 1986 changed not only the Philippines, but the world as well, Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile said at the start of commemorative activities for the 25th anniversary of the historic event.

In his remarks at the inauguration of the Mini-Museum of the Department of National Defense on Tuesday, February 22, Enrile said Edsa 1 was "one of our nation's finest moments, which made every Filipino proud. I firmly believe that EDSA People Power was the Filipino nation's greatest gift to the world."

"May each Filipino hold his head up high and say, with unmistakable pride, that EDSA did not only change us, but it also changed the world, for even in the 21st century, it continues to inspire hope and bring encouragement to people who are desperately longing for freedom and democracy," Enrile said.

Enrile described People Power as "one single event, yet very powerful and very meaningful, that has inspired similar movements abroad, leading to the fall of the Berlin wall, the dismantling of dictatorships and authoritarian regimes in Eastern and Central Europe, and the emancipation of people from the clutches of tyranny."

The Senate President said he was "humbled and honored by the opportunity of playing a prominent part in EDSA. It was one of the highlights of my public career and my being a Filipino. And it is my fervent wish and prayer that the Filipino people will keep the spirit of EDSA alive in their hearts."

Enrile said he hoped Edsa 1 would "motivate the younger generation to contribute towards the attainment of prosperity, solidarity and lasting peace in our country."

Enrile told the gathering that while many books have been written about Edsa 1, he has decided to write his memoirs "in the hope of finally relating to the public and to our people the events that led to the almost bloodless revolution which ended martial rule in our country."

"I think it is about time that as one of the initiators of the People Power Revolution, I finally tell the true events and circumstances that led to the restoration of freedom and democracy in our land," Enrile added.

Enrile expressed the hope that "the younger generation and the generations of Filipinos yet unborn will have the opportunity to visit the DND Mini Museum and learn about and rekindle the memory of the important event that transformed this nation."

The DND Mini-Museum was established as a repository of mementos and photos of the People Power Revolution.

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