Press Release
February 22, 2011



SEN BONGBONG MARCOS: Part of our political national history were the events of 1986 but I think that we must always remember that 1986 was closed 25 years ago and we have to continue to build all the hopes and dreams that were expressed in that period of our history. And right now if you ask me, it is important for us to put into practice perhaps what we have learned, the lessons we have learned. And the history that has transpired since 1986 should make us look to the future as to what would be the things that we can do to improve the welfare of our fellow citizens in the Philippines.

I think it is perhaps a touching point in our history but let us use it as a basis to see what else we can do as we look forward to the future and not always rest us on ...what we are celebrating everytime , which is looking back to incident of 1986.

Q; Sir 25 years ago na nang mangyari yun pero look whats happening in our country, kung ano ang status natin ngayon . Sa tingin n yo failure yun...?

SBBM: There were great promises that had been made and we have to see how far we have come in the fulfilment of those promises and the realization of those dreams that were expressed by our people. It is just to remind us how much more we need to dofor aqs we move to the future.

Q; Sir, importante pa ba na i-celebrate ang EDSA?

SBBM: Well I guess iba-ibang sagot ang makukuha mo sa mga tanong ngayon. Depende kung sino ang kausap ninyo. We will have to leave everyone to come to theiir conclusions and opinions. And that is what matters.

Q: Yun propanganda against marcos...?

SBBM: ...those who continue to have a political interest provide the propanganda against the late president. Pero sa taumbayan maliwanag na maliwanag na lumilitaw ang katotohanan tungkol sa administrasyon ng aking ama na napakarami ang kanyang nagawa, napakarami ang kanyang tinulong at napakalaki ang naging progreso ng ating bansa noong panahon na yun.

Q; Sir, kung hindi kaya napatalsik si former president Ferdinand Marcos, ano kaya ang situation natin ngayon?

SBBM; Siguro Singapore na tayo ngayon.

Q: Sa ngayong may nabago ba ang EDSA?

SBBM: Alam ninyo mahirap, kung ako ang tinatanung ninyo syempre lahat ng aking sasabihin eh sasabihin ninyo na bias ako dahil nasa kabilang panig sila. Everyone has a political interest, political color but I think the best thing to do is to go thru the objective process as to what is the improvement in our people's lives? What is the improvement in our economy? What is the improvement in security, in peace and order and in our standing in the international community of nations. These objective tests can be made by anyone and I think that this should be the basis when we try to judge how far we have come since 1986.

Our instinct is always to look forward, to see what else we can do...service to our people and perhaps the celebration of Edsa 1986 just remind us how much works need to be done and how much harder we have to work to gain that progress.

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