Press Release
February 17, 2011


"That's gross incompetence. They're going against the law", said Senator Bong Revilla in response to a resolution passed by Barangay Western Bicutan banning motorcycle riders from using helmets.

The barangay resolution, according to the council, is aimed at curtailing the series of crimes in the said barangay, where two unidentified men wearing bonnets and helmets riding on motorcycles are purported to be responsible. According to news reports, barangay officials of Western Bicutan will require motorcycle riders to remove their helmets or anything that would cover their head and face. Anyone who refuses to do so will be subjected to questioning by the barangay.

The lawmaker stressed that crime prevention lies in strict law enforcement and effective policing. "Dapat paigtingin ang pagpapatrol ng mga tanod at pagresponde ng mga pulis upang maresolba ang mga krimen. Hindi nararapat na ang kaligtasan ng mga riders ang makompromiso. We should not forget that as public servants -which includes barangay officials - it is our primary obligation to ensure the safety of the people," said Bong Revilla, principal author of the Motorcycle Helmet Act.

The Helmet Law was crafted in order to address the alarming number of motorcycle-related street accidents in the country. Studies showed that helmets are estimated to be 37 percent effective in preventing fatal injuries and 67 percent effective in preventing brain injuries to motorcyclists.

"We understand the need to address criminality, but banning riders from wearing helmets would greatly put their lives at risk. Both are equally important and one should not be sacrificed for the other," Bong Revilla ended.

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