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February 9, 2011

Transcript of interview of SP Enrile

Q Executive sessions na lang daw yung upcoming hearings sa Senate Blue Ribbon Committee?

SP Oo executive session kasi baka akalain ng taong bayan na mayroon kaming pinagtatakpan o tinatago. It is better that the people will know. I'm not in favor of an executive session unless we are going to reveal sensitive matters involving national security. Now, if they want to reveal to us the truth in an executive session, then I will think about it. If they are going to ask for an executive session to hear the case outside of the glare of the people, then I am not in favor of that.

Q Sir, about the suggestion to go easy on the family of Reyes in light of what happened?

SP Well, as far as I am concerned, unless there is a very clear, strong and contradicting evidence that the family of Angie had anything to do with anything involving his activities as Chief of Staff or Secretary of National Defense, then I will probably put my foot down and say no. Do not bring in the family.

Q Sir, when it comes to the manner of questioning, do you agree na dapat medyo moderate?

SP I already took that up with them and told them that let's be civil about the whole affair. You know you ask questions, you can exercise your right of cross examination but you have to be very circumspect in the words that you use in asking the questions, and the manner of how you ask the questions.

Q Sir, yung mga iba gusto kasi executive session. Paano, pagbobotohan n'yo ba or will you call a caucus?

SP Pinag-usapan na namin 'yan. We will meet again but I told them to find out what we can do here in an executive session and what we should not.

Q So Sir, parang case to case basis?

SP Yes.

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