Press Release
February 8, 2011


My family and I are saddened with the sudden passing of Gen. Angelo Reyes as we join the Filipino people in extending our condolences to the bereaved family of the former AFP chief of staff and Defense Secretary.

This event, though unfortunate, is truly a sad episode in our nation's history. I just hope that Sec. Reyes' death will bring the changes toward deeper enlightenment and understanding our country so greatly deserves.

I will continue to endeavour to bring such changes through the on-going investigation in the Senate so that his death will find new meaning--that there is still honor left in the AFP. The Senate Blue Ribbon Committee will continue with its task to investigate the alleged corruption in the Armed Forces of the Philippines in order to rectify the mistakes committed in the past.

Meanwhile, I shall personally request the Committee to suspend the hearings indefinitely or until the wake is over for us to pause in prayer and reflect over the untimely death of former Sec. Angelo Reyes.

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