Press Release
January 20, 2011

Loren Urges LGUs to Put Up Rainwater Catchment Facilities in Their Areas

Senator Loren Legarda today encouraged local government units (LGUs) to follow the example of the Iloilo City government in putting up rainwater harvesting facilities in its barangays as part of its water conservation program.

Legarda said that putting up such system would help address the country's water shortage problem, particularly during the summer season, while making use of the excessive water brought by the rains during the wet season.

"Water is a very precious resource. We have been experiencing water shortages especially in the urban areas. Putting up rainwater harvesting systems will help address that shortage while reducing our dependence on commercially available water," she explained.

She added that while careful planning and studying would still be needed before such system can be put up, citizens can already start collecting and storing rainwater in their homes.

"These catchment systems can be built using low-cost local materials. But while the system is not yet in place, the people can store rainwater especially in areas being frequented by rains. We just have to make sure that water is stored properly so it would not become a breeding place for mosquitoes," Legarda said.

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