Press Release
January 17, 2011

Transcript of Ambush Interview of Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile

On Senator Drilon

Q: Sir, nag-meeting daw po kayo ni Senator Drilon kanina?

SP: Pinuntahan ako. Sabi niya hindi totoo 'yon. Sabi ko huwag mo na intindihin 'yon. Tsismis lang

Q: Ano pong assurance? Did he assure you of his support and the Liberal Party's support?

SP: I never doubted his support.

Q: Sir, you being approached by Senator Drilon ends any rumors?

SP: I never had any doubt about Senator Drilon. He's a decent person. He will not stab me from the back or do any Machiavellian move. He could say what he wants, if he wants anything or if he disagrees with you, he will say it.

Q: Sir, kanina po pinuntahan kayo ni Senator Drilon. Ano po ang pinag-usapan ninyo?

SP: Sinabi niya, hindi totoo. Nagulat din ako. Frankly, tsismis lang 'yan. Let's not waste time about it.

Q: So sir, umakyat po si Senator Drilon para i-assure kayo na walang kudeta?

SP: Oo. Alam ko naman na wala talaga. Gawa-gawa lang 'yon.

Q: Sir, 'yung pagpunta niya sa'yo, dapat makabura na ng mga duda?

SP: Wala naman akong duda sa kanya from the beginning. Ewan ko 'yung iba. What we talked about is what we are going to do in the Senate for the next several months.

On Senator Trillanes' first plenary session

SP: Huwag n'yo munang pahirapan. Alam mo, kaming lahat, naninibago kami pagpasok namin dito. Ganoon kami noong primero. Let him acclimatize himself in this institution and then after that, free for all.

On Brillantes' appointment in Comelec

Q: Sir, there are many reservations by some sectors to the appointment of Brillantes. With him handling several protest cases, he might run into a conflict of interest.

SP: If he had an extensive law practice, if you are appointed to a Court or Supreme Court, it's the same thing. It's up to him. It's addressed to his better discretion to comport himself ethically to the conduct of his function as Chairman of the commission. That's why you have a collegial body composed of seven members precisely because of the possibility that a member could not act because of conflict of interest. He will know what to do. He is a mature, experienced and seasoned lawyer. He knows the ethics of his profession, ethics of his calling as a public servant.

Q: Is Mr. Brillantes not going to the Commission on Appointments (CA) because he was appointed when the Senate was not in session? Ano po ang reaction ninyo doon?

SP: The President can make appointments during the recess of Congress. There is no prohibition. I do not know whether there is a special prohibition in the Constitution dealing with the appointment of Constitutional commissioners. I could not recall.

On the Tax Investment Code

Q: Sir, you mentioned kanina 'yung tax investment code kanina at tax incentives which have to be rationalized. Are you fast-tracking po 'yung bill that was passed by Senator Recto which is now with Ways and Means?

SP: He has to work on it.

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