Press Release
January 13, 2011


Following the Palace's announcement that it will slash the amount of rice imports for 2011, Senator Edgardo J. Angara called upon the government to instead focus on increasing the productivity of the Agriculture sector.

Due to ample grain supplies left over from the previous year, the National Food Authority will be importing only around 30 percent of last year's orders from neighboring countries.

"Right now, we are considered as the world's largest importer of rice--and that's not a good situation for a country that consumes so much of this particular grain. We should make use of this resolve to reduce the amount we import as a chance to increase the rice sufficiency of the country." advised Angara.

According to Angara, former Secretary of the Department of Agriculture, the Philippines has the means to supply a good part of its rice needs.

"We are just not maximizing our resources--I believe we have enough to meet most, if not all of the country's demand for rice and other grains. Recent developments in the Agriculture's research department shows that we now have the capacity to grow high-quality, affordable rice grains," he explained.

Angara also authored the Agriculture and Fisheries Extension act, which seeks to empower the agriculture and fisheries sector to develop and sustain itself to meet present and future needs of the Philippines.

"Another positive effect of enhancing our productivity is the creation of new jobs for the rural workers. This would be the ideal, win-win situation for the economy and the agriculture industry," he asserted.

Senate Bill No. 2066, "An Act Prescribing the Strengthening of the National Extension System to Accelerate Agriculture and Fisheries Development, Appropriating Funds Therefor and for Other Purposes" was filed by Angara in the 15th Congress. It was referred to the Agriculture and Food Committee of the Senate after the First Reading.

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