Press Release
January 5, 2011


With thousands of balikbayans and tourists flocking the airports during and after the holidays, Senator Edgardo J. Angara called for a more effective and more stringent security program in the country's transportation system in order to protect both passengers and employees.

"We must install new measures, programs, plans and activities that promote security and safety especially when such a large number of people are rushing to our airports and terminals," he explained.

To address the need for improving the country's transportation safety, Angara authored the Philippine Transportation Security bill.

While primarily geared to fight against the rising number of terror acts, this bill also seeks a general increase in the safety of all the commuters and passengers of different modes of transportation.

This bill would also establish 2 new bodies to oversee the implementation of these new security programs: the Philippine Transportation Security Administration (PTSA), a law enforcement agency tasked to safeguard and protect all modes of air, land and water travel, attached to the Department of Transportation and Communications; and the National Transportation Security Committee--tasked to define and allocate the duties of government agencies related to public transportation security and to act as a liaison between government, public and private transport companies.

According to Angara, safer and more secure modes of transportation would have a positive effect not just on the economy, but also on the rising tourism industry of the country.

"We should adapt standards and practices which are internationally recognized and considered world class, so that the Philippines will reaffirm its status as a prime tourist destination in 2011," said Angara.

Senate Bill No. 2026, was filed by Angara early in the 15th Congress. It has been referred to the Committees on Public Services. Civil Service and Government Reorganization, and Finance, following the First Reading.

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