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May 20, 2009


Distressed yet determined to vindicate her honor, actress Katrina Halili today sought the assistance of Senator Bong Revilla in filing a case against celebrity doctor Hayden Kho over their controversial sex video which was circulated in the Internet.

Halili went to Revilla's office in the Senate and with the senator's legislative bureau, they discussed the circumstances that the actress would encounter regarding her impending legal action against Kho.

The senator assured Halili that he will help her in achieving justice over Kho's wicked videotaping and presumed spreading of their intimately private activity.

"I will make sure that Halili will get justice. The case would be an eye-opener to the country on the proliferation of the so-called sex-scandal videos that is already alarming and not entertaining at all," said Revilla, who delivered a privilege speech last Tuesday (May 19) where he demanded the revocation of medical license of Kho in connection with his sex video with Halili.

Revilla disclosed that the National Bureau of Investigation vowed to investigate Kho on the circulating sex videos.

"I already talked to NBI Chief Nestor Mantaring over the phone after my privilege speech and he assured me that the NBI will probe the matter," he said.

The lawmaker praised Halili for her courage and determination in seeking justice against Kho. "I really admire Katrina for refusing to be a victim forever. This is no longer Katrina's fight alone but the fight of all Filipinas against harassment and exploitation," said Revilla, who later accompanied Halili to the NBI office in Manila for the formal filing of her complaint against the celebrity doctor.

Revilla acknowledged the women's rights group Gabriela and Halili's lawyers Atty. Mamyrlito Tan at Atty. Raymond Palad for rallying behind the actress' cause for justice.

In his privilege speech, Revilla urged the Professional Regulations Commission (PRC) to take action in revoking the medical license of Kho and ban him from the practice of medicine perpetually.

He cited Section 24 of the Republic Act No. 2382 or the Medical Act of 1959 whereby immoral or dishonorable conduct and even insanity are among the grounds for reprimand, suspension or revocation of a doctor's certificate of registration.

Revilla also pushed for the passage of his Anti Pornography Bill which seeks to slap stiffer penalties against those who publish, broadcast and exhibit pornographic materials through the use of traditional media, internet, the "cyberspace", cellular phones and other forms of media.

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