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July 26, 2007


Senator Ramon "Bong" Revilla Jr. today appealed to the public, including the initiator of an anti-prostitution petition in the Internet, to give concrete details to law enforcement agencies regarding the alleged sex slave camps in Angeles City , Pampanga.

According to the senator, coordination with the authorities particularly with the Philippine National Police (PNP) will be a big help to confirm whether the so called prostitution slave camps in Angeles City really do exist. Revilla stressed that the report is very alarming for it downgrades the reputation not only of Filipino women but also the efforts of the Philippine government on fighting criminality and prostitution.

"However, I strongly recommend that the report should be verified first before spending time and resources of our law enforcement agencies to it. We should remember that our authorities have limited means so that there's nothing to be wasted on something that might be a false alarm," he said.

Revilla was referring to the allegations made by a certain Susan Bryce who instigated a worldwide petition through Her article stated that young Filipinas are forced to work up to 20 hours a day as prostitutes in the Angeles city.

Based on the petition letter which already gathered 2,167 signatories, Pinay sex slaves in Angeles City have an average of 100 customers a week in the sex camps operated by foreigners-Australians, Americans and British.

The complaint also stated that corrupt police, military and city hall officials protect the prostitution dens and the Pinay sex slaves are locked away to sleep, watched over by armed security guards who carry batons, electric prods and shotguns.

"An estimated 150,000 girls work in Angeles City , Philippines as prostitutes, of that about 30,000 are girls as young as six years of age. Despite the fact that prostitution is illegal in Angeles not one person has been convicted of this crime In the last twenty years in Angeles City , Philippines more than 300,000 women and children have died in the prostitution death camps of Angeles," the Bryce report said.

Bryce added that there is a place in Fields Avenue in Angeles City that looks like a multi-storey restaurant in the outside but is actually a prostitution den.

Angeles City Police said there is no truth to reports that a sex slave camp exist in the city.

Revilla said if Bryce is really serious on her accusations, she should surface and help the government to curb this criminal activity.

"If she sincerely wants to help on eradicating prostitution, she should coordinate with the government or the media. I, myself will do whatever I can to give her due protection, "the lawmaker said.

The lawmaker explained that unless Bryce shows up, the petition would only be perceived to be a smear campaign against the Philippine government.

It could be recalled that Revilla filed anew his bill that would penalized perpetrators of cyber prostitution. Senate Bill No. 12 or the Anti Pornography Bill aims to slap stiffer penalties to those who publish, broadcast and exhibit pornographic materials through the use of traditional media, the internet, the "cyberspace", cellular phones and other forms of media.

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