Press Release
December 19, 2006

Kiko on the creation of new courts in Cebu, Leyte,
Antipolo City and Paraaque City...

I hail the passage on 3rd reading of the creation of new Regional Trial and Municipal Trial Courts sponsored by Senator Enrile. The people have clamored for the creation of courts in their cities because it will bring them a step closer to the dispensation of justice. We are making access to our courts a reality. This augurs well for the administration of justice and strengthens the rule of law. The people in far flung areas of the country will benefit directly from these measures.

In 2005 in fact, we launched with the Office of the Supreme Court Chief Justice, the Justice Beyond Cities project. The campaign aims to achieve the same overarching goals of the passage of HBN 3043, 4976, 5126, 5305 & 5071, to expedite the dispensation of justice. The Justice Beyond Cities Program aims to fill numerous Judiciary vacancies, that have been noted to be higher in the provinces than in Metro Manila. In fact, Malacanang up to now has yet to act on at least 160 vacant salas nationwide.

Passed on 3rd reading were the creation of 4 additional RTC branches and 2 additional MTC branches for the City of Antipolo, 5 additional MTC branches for the City of Paranaque, 2 additional RTC branches of the province of Leyte in Tacloban City, 2 additional RTC branches & 1 MTC of Cebu province in Talisay City. All effectively amend for the purpose of the creation of new courts, BP 129, otherwise known as the Judiciary Reorganization Act of 1980. Clearly, we are making access to our courts a reality.

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