Press Release
December 9, 2006


Saying House Speaker Jose de Venecia Jr. and other allies of Malacañang s call for a supposed constitutional convention is still part of their con act, Sen. Panfilo Lacson warned the public Saturday against dropping their guard against Palace moves to amend the Constitution.

Lacson said that despite their press conference in Makati City, de Venecia and his bunch of constitutional rapists in the Lower House never made clear their position on the convening of a constituent assembly (con-ass).

The peoples vigilance must remain undiminished. Rapists and thieves are always capable of re-launching an attack when their victims are least prepared. On top of that, the issue of cheating, lying and stealing has remained unresolved and unanswered by those responsible to this day, Lacson said.

Earlier, Lacson called the rushed move by Palace allies in the Lower House for a constituent assembly a form of constitutional rape.

De Venecia and pro-Malacañang congressmen held a press conference Saturday morning challenging the Senate to muster a two-thirds vote as required by the Constitution to pave the way for elections of delegates to a constitutional convention within 72 hours.

But Lacson said de Venecias announcement Saturday did nothing to change the perception of Malacañang and its allies continuing to rape the 1987 Constitution. Will they or will they not abandon their con act? he asked.

Still, he said the Filipino people deserve the credit for forcing de Venecia and his colleagues to change their position by holding various forms of protest actions. The religious sector had voiced support to the opposition against the railroaded constituent assembly.

Be that as it may, all credit and gratitude should go to the Filipino people for standing their ground, unmoved by the combined bullying and arrogance of power by the so-called representatives fully backed by a scheming chief executive, Lacson said.

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