Press Release
December 8, 2006


Everyone knows that I have been a member of LAKAS since 1995, the administration party, and that Charter Change is part of the administrations platform and program of governance. In todays situation, there is obviously a great conflict between party interest and public clamor. As an elected public official, it is not even a question that I must live up to my responsibility to uphold public interest.

It is because of this reason that I have decided to sign the recent Senate Resolution expressing the Senates stand on the Constituent Assembly, as I have previously signed a substantially same resolution.

I was voted into Office by the people to articulate their sentiments, uphold their rights, and be their voice in government policy making. I believe that my action upholds the rights of the people and articulates the publics sentiment.

I am not turning my back on my party. My support to the administration and the President continues. I am not against charter change per se.

I must only disagree with the process being spirited by the House to amend the Constitution unilaterally, and I cannot take part in what I believe is a fatally flawed procedure.

I believe that any change in the Constitution through Constituent Assembly cannot do away with the participation of the Senate, with the approval of three fourths of all the members of Congress, voting separately.

Therefore, let it be said, I will take no part in the supposed Constituent Assembly being orchestrated by the House alone.

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