Press Release
December 7, 2006

Recto: Joining Con-ass is going to a cannibal's
dinner where senators are the main course

Sen. Ralph Recto today said he will not be attending the House unicameral constituent assembly because aside from being illegal it would be like attending the necrological services for the Senate.

From the debates in the Batasan yesterday, one can sense that the House sessions in the coming days will be a Senate-bashing party ," he said.

So why would you go to a party the likes of you are not welcome ? If you go, its like honoring an invitation from a group of cannibals to a dinner in which you will be the main course ," Recto said.

I cannot imagine myself sitting through what is essentially a rump session of the House and listening speaker after speaker malign the Senate. Only a person who likes to be tortured would enjoy that," he said.

Recto, however, clarified that he , like most senators," is for Charter change provided it is done for the right reasons, in the right manner and at the right time.

In three counts, this con-ass fails. It is for a self-serving reason. It was through a process that violated the very Constitution itself , and it is the wrong thing to do at this time when we have more pressing problems to attend to," Recto said

Recto admitted that he was not closing the door on the idea of our country eventually shifting to a unicameral form of government but this must be proposed by a body which will not benefit from such as shift.

In Charter change, the means is more important than the end. One cannot profess love for the Constitution while at the same time wantonly violate it ," he said.

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