Press Release
December 6, 2006


Senator Pia S. Cayetano today called on the leadership of the House of Representatives to give up on their plan to force through amendments in the 1987 Constitution, saying their illegal and immoral scheme is a useless exercise that is bound to blow up in their faces soon.

"In their shameless bid to perpetuate themselves in power, the House leadership is pushing the entire nation on the brink of a constitutional crisis and political turmoil," Cayetano said. "Who are the real 'destabilizers' now?"

"Their illegal and immoral scheme is bound to blow up in their faces soonand they will be ultimately answerable to the people." said Cayetano.

"What we are witnessing in the House right now should be the best argument for retaining the current bicameral legislative setup which ensures a system of checks and balances, as opposed to a unicameral parliament where a powerful political block can run roughshod over the opposition and bend its rules to serve vested interests."

At the same time, Cayetano lauded the 25 lawmakers led by minority members who solidly stood against moves to amend the House rules last night.

"The 'Valiant 25' represented the voice of the majority of our people who are opposed to changing the Constitution at this time in such a hurried and hodge-podge manner. They deserve all our support," she said.

"The rule requiring a bicameral vote for amending the charter was put up precisely to protect our people from any powerful political block that seeks to revise our fundamental law without the consent of both Houses, she added.

Cayetano said the House majority's insistence on pushing Con-Ass was the "height of callousness," considering that millions of Filipinos are still reeling from the devastation wrought by typhoon Reming in Bicol and Southern Tagalog.

She said members of Congress had more pressing issues to attend to, like reconciling the P8.2-billion disparity between the House and Senate versions of the proposed general appropriations act for 2007.

She added that lawmakers are also better off working on proposals to set aside funds for disaster relief and preparedness in the national budget, rather than tinkering with the Charter.

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