Press Release
December 5, 2006


Senator Mar Roxas elicited the assurance of that a concrete institutional response to the ongoing effort of the House of Representatives to convene a unicameral Constituent Assembly is underway.

In his remarks on the floor of the Senate, Senator Roxas said that the actions of the House, preliminary as they are, constitute an opening salvo to a sequence of events that will unalterably destroy our system of government.

He queried the Senate President on whether a caucus will be convened to discuss the Senates response to a House-initiated Constituent Assembly.

Senate President Manuel Villar and Majority Leader Francis Pangilinan assured the Liberal Party stalwart that:

1) The Office of the Majority Leader is preparing a new resolution reiterating the Senates position that a Constituent Assembly must include the participation of both Houses of Congress with each House voting separately.

2) At an appropriate time, the Senates legal office will file its opposition before the Supreme Court.

3) A caucus of all senators will be convened this week to discuss further the response of the Senate.

Roxas welcomed the concrete steps that will be taken by the Senate as an institution to address the aggressive drive to change the Charter before the 2007 elections.

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