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November 30, 2006

GMA should tell where she stands on final push
No call, no text, no email, no letter, no whisper from her - Recto

Where does President Arroyo stand on the Houses final push for Charter change?

Saying that the President is sitting pretty on the Malacañang fence, Sen. Ralph Recto said it is time for the chief executive to publicly state her position on the last-ditch attempt of her congressional allies to amend the Constitution by convening the House as a Charter-amending constituent assembly.

It is time for the President to make her stand known, Recto said.

Before congressmen convince us to go all-out for con-ass, isnt it just proper that they ask the President to come out openly for the same first? Recto said.

To give their final push a major push, I think they should ask her to endorse it publicly, Recto said.

Asked if President Arroyo has started calling her friends in the Senate to round up support to join the House drive, Recto replied : No phone, no text, no email, no letter, no whisper.

She is the best lobbyist for this cause, but shes not moving, and there lies the greatest weakness of the final push. If they cant convince her, how can they convince us? Recto said.

Sans any public announcement, my conclusion is that her heart is not on it, Recto said.

But if shes backing the 11th hour move of the House, then the presidential endorsement of the constituent assembly should come in the form of a signed official certification of urgency of the con-ass resolution, Recto said.

Unless the petite lady sings for Cha-cha, in public, no way are they going to make us believe that she is for it, Recto said.

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