Press Release
November 29, 2006


Malacañang and its allies making a so-called final push for amending the Constitution via a constituent assembly can dream on but must be ready to wake up to the reality of defeat in the May 2007 elections.

Sen. Panfilo Lacson said it will be difficult for the so-called final push to get off the ground in the first place because a constituent assembly will require both Houses of Congress to separately issue resolutions for a joint session.

They can dream all they want. They can offer term extensions even if they havent amended the Constitution to scrap the term limits of lawmakers. Yet, when they wake up, the reality is that they face certain defeat in May 2007. They are dreaming because they are afraid to face the wrath of the voters in May, Lacson said.

Lacson maintained it is impossible for the Lower House of Congress to draw up a constituent assembly without a separate resolution from the Senate.

Even in the yearly State of the Nation Address (SONA), both Houses of Congress issue separate resolutions to convene in a joint session of Congress.

He said he is willing to join other senators in filing a petition with the Supreme Court questioning the move of Malacañang and its allies in the Lower House for a so-called constituent assembly.

Lacson pointed out that several senators crossed party lines some months back in questioning Malacañang s Executive Order 464, which barred officials from testifying in congressional investigations without presidential clearance.

Ill be one with the other senators or with the whole Senate for that matter. This is not the first case where senators joined hands in filing a petition seeking clarificatory interpretation from the Supreme Court. We have been united in so many petitions before, it wont be the first time, he said.

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