Press Release
November 19, 2006


Manny Pacquiaos latest conquest should inspire us to triumph over the problems that confront us as a nation.

We should duplicate his feat in all arenas that call for our victory as a people.

Mannys victory should lead us all towards unity and cooperation. Only thru solidarity can we overcome the hurdles that hobble our march to economic prosperity. Let us cheer Manny on, and as we celebrate his monumental win, let us not lose sight of the lessons that his victory teaches us all as a people. Let us move forward and may his triumph against adversities be an inspiration to us all.

Mannys dramatic victory has added yet another feather in the Filipino peoples cap. We can only relish the back to back victories of our world class sports heroes like Manny and Ronnie Alcano, who bagged the recent World pool championship. I am filing a resolution too as a fitting tribute to these modern day Filipino heroes.

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