Press Release
October 30, 2006

What Cruz has been saying makes sense Recto

The administration should not make Nonong Cruz a collateral damage of its Charter change defeat.

It will be a pity if they will make a scapegoat out of a sage. And what hes been saying makes sense : That its time for the administration to call a tactical retreat on Charter change ; to change strategy because the last one was flawed ; to cut losses so it can fight another day.

They should heed his warning that going the Con-Ass way is another Kamikaze charge that will be shot down by the Supreme Court if the Senate will not go along .

If telling the truth is the mark of a good soldier , then the defense secretary is one, the kind the President needs in manning the ramparts of a Palace where good judgment on Charter change has gone AWOL.

If ever they should let Cruz go, it must be based on his performance in the Defense department and not his defense of the Constitution.

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