Press Release
October 23, 2006


I would like to extend my greetings of Eid Mubarak to all our Muslim brothers and sisters all over the world, especially to all Muslim Filipinos and all those celebrating Eid Al Fitrwhich marks the end of the Holy Month of Ramadan or the completion of Muslims fasting and other sacrifices.

During Eid Al Fitr, Muslims celebrate their renewed faith and while celebration varies among countries, one thing is universal, families and loved ones get together feast together on traditional Eid feast.

Eid Al Fitr reminds Muslims and non-Muslims alike that Islam is all about faith, hope and peace. May Eid bring us all closer together as brothers and sisters, as friends and family, and as citizens of the worldunited in peace and thanksgiving.

Amidst the celebration and revelry, let us also pray for lasting peace to prevail in Mindanao.

Again, Happy Eid-al-Fitr!

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