Press Release
October 15, 2006


Sen. Panfilo Lacson urged authorities Sunday to go one step further from the selective retake ordered by the Court of Appeals, and flunk students who actively solicited leaked questions in the nursing board exams.

Lacson said the students who actively sought the leaked questions have cheated and do not deserve a second chance via a retake of the examinations.

I think authorities should go one step further. Those found to have actively solicited the leakages do not deserve a second chance and should be flunked. Why give them a second chance if it was clear they cheated? The great majority of examinees did not cheat, he said.

Also, Lacson lauded the Court of Appeals for its selective-retake order, saying it was much better than the order of Malacañang to have all examinees retake the test.

He pointed out that most of those who passed the June board examinations conducted self-reviews and did not even go to the review centers.

Those who are found guilty should be meted the full force of the law. But those who reviewed by themselves and did not go to the review centers do not deserve to be punished, he said.

The appellate court ordered last Friday a selective retake of the exams, covering some 1,700 examinees found to have attended the final coaching courses of review centers found to use leaked questions.

Malacañang said it will respect the CA decision, but said it will wait for labor secretary Arturo Brion to issue his final recommendations on the matter this coming week.

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