Press Release
October 4, 2006

Get bishops killers fast so govt wont be
perceived as suspect no. 1 - Recto

Malacañang should put all the resources of the government in the pursuit of the killer of Bishop Alberto Ramento, head of the Aglipayan church in the country, Sen. Ralph Recto said.

This is a big black eye to the government. With his stature, he cant be a mere statistic in the body count of dead activists. He was the head of a fairly large religious group. You cant sweep a bishops death under the rug, Recto said.

He urged the Palace to demonstrate proof that it is mobilizing personnel and resources to catch murderers of the Tarlac-based 69-year-old prelate.

Whether it was robbery, as theorized by the police, or politically-motivated, as claimed by his friends, his death must be solved soon. The longer it remains unresolved, the more that accusations that he was a victim of a state rubout would become shrill, Recto said.

The only way the administration can escape being perceived as suspect no.1, no matter how unfair that would be, is for its people to apprehend the real suspects, he said.

Recto urged friends of the slain bishop to extend full cooperation to police probers. It would help us all if we keep our theories to ourselves while the professional elements of the police are doing their sleuthing.

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