Press Release
October 2, 2006


Senator Edgardo J. Angara today gave a grant to the Philippine Mental Health Association (PMHA) in the amount of 200,000 pesos to support an education and information drive geared towards greater awareness on mental health.

PMHA celebrated its 30th induction ceremonies held in Bacolod City recently.

One can be physically and bodily healthy and strong and yet suffers a great infirmity if he is not well mentally, Angara said.

For the mind is a growing dynamic organ. Its the source of creativity. If one doesnt take good care of his mental health, the mind will deteriorate and human creativity will cease, he continued.

Angara noted that Filipinos tendency to sweep mental health problems under the rag results from a cultural and social trait of Filipinos making such awareness on mental health more difficult.

No family will ever admit that a member of the family is mentally ill; much less volunteer that the member is psychiatrically treated. That is a social and a cultural problem that Filipinos have succeeded in evading, Angara said.

Medical and scientific studies have shown that tending mental health will reap fruits just as one assiduously waters a plant to flower, he continued.

Reiterating his call for mental health education and awareness, Angara said: There ought to be a national program on mental health in the same manner we have our national programs against diabetes, malaria, and tuberculosis, among others. A national program on mental health is important because as many social scientists and futurists have said, the future of mankind is the human mind.

Angara is the author of landmark health laws including the PhilHealth Law, the Magna Carta for Health Workers and the Generics Law. He also wrote the Senior Citizens Act, the Nursing Act and the Breastfeeding Act.

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