Press Release
September 30, 2006


Senator Bong Revilla today said the anti-billboard law will be given priority in the Senate Committee on Public Works. At the same time, he will ask Malacanang to certify the bill as urgent. Revilla, Chairman of the said committee said the immediate enactment of a stricter law against the proliferation of billboards is urgent with the hazards it pose to motorists and innocent by passers, as proven by the recent incidents in the advent of the Milenyo typhoon.

We cannot anymore double take on the urgency of passing and implementing a law that would strictly regulate and oversee the erection of billboards all over the country. Ours is a country constantly hit by typhoons, therefore we need to take extra precaution to safeguard us from hazards brought by typhoons and other natural calamities.

Revilla said MMDA and DPWH are in a bind as to who will take charge in addressing the problems posed by billboards. These agencies both have reasons to keep their positions with regards to billboards. The confusion regarding this matter is brought by the ambiguity of laws governing billboards. This is why we will push at the Senate laws with stronger teeth to regulate billboards.

The senator said he is also for filing of charges against owners of billboards that fell during the height of typhoon so as to indemnify victims of the said fallen billboards and to hold the owners accountable for their products.

The proliferation of billboards around us really proved top cause dangers to our motorists. The immediate passage of Senate Bill No. 1714 which was introduced by Senator Miriam Santiago comes across a wide scope of interest.

Revilla said he will prioritize haering of the anti-billboard act and will work to pass an anti-billboard law with a national scope but locally guided which would augur well for the LGUs. We need general guidelines for the entire country from which each local government can choose from and determine among themselves what is suited for their community. This way we address the issue and empower the local government. We also arrest the problem of finger pointing as to who is overseeing what.

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