Press Release
September 18, 2006

Senate intervenes in Special Civil Action for People's Initiative

As Senate Majority Leader and Committee on Rules Chairman, Kiko Pangilinan filed today Senate Resolution 561, or a resolution for the Senate to intervene in the Special Civil Action for Certiorari and Mandamus filed by the petitioners for People's Initiative with the Supreme Court to reverse the ruling of the COMELEC. The petitioners urged the Supreme Court to schedule a plebiscite on the proposed amendments to the Constitution within the next ninety (90) days.

"The Senate as an institution, has an actual and material interest in the subject matter of the petition and would be irreparably prejudiced if the Petition is granted by the Supreme Court. We have proposed that Senator Joker Arroyo represent the Senate together with the Counsel-of-Record in the intervention proceedings in the said case," Kiko shared.

"The People's Initiative petition filed is illegal and patently an unconstitutional means of amending the Constitution. If we allow this wanton disregard of the Constitution to succeed now, what will stop them in the future from disregarding, if ever, the amended Constitution? We cannot allow this to happen. This highly organized and well-funded disregard of our fundamental law is the most serious attack thus far on our constitutional democracy. Ultimately, we fervently hope that the Supreme Court will step in to save our democracy from this grave assault." Kiko ended.

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