Press Release
September 1, 2006


Senator Edgardo J. Angara today expressed his support to the Commission on Elections (COMELEC) in the wake of a speedy resolution on the petition of Sigaw ng Bayan.

Angara also commended the commission for maintaining its stance and abiding by the Supreme Court's position that there is no enabling law to amend the constitution through people's initiative.

"To me, the real heart of the issue was not on the validity of the signatures submitted, but whether there exists an enabling law that will validate people's initiative as a method to overhaul our government," Angara said.

Angara said that with the Commission's resolution and by barring itself from entertaining any people's initiative, the COMELEC has helped the country move forward because questions of uncertainty are now put into halt.

"Now that COMELEC has resolved this petition, the Supreme Courtwhich is the final arbiterwill have more time to deliberate. We really need a definitive SC ruling because otherwise this issue will just keep on hanging over our heads and will continue creating political uncertainty," Angara said.

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