Press Release
August 11, 2006


In the wake of the Senate inquiry on the integrity of the nursing board exams, Senator Edgardo J. Angara today called for the creation of an external audit body in the entire nursing examination system to ensure leakage-proof tests.

Angara suggested that this nursing guild will be an independent body comprised of professionals not involved in any nursing institution.

Angara noted that the alleged leakage in this year's nursing board exams can effect the country's distinction of being the number one exporter of nurses to the world; hence, the creation of an independent body to look into the nursing examination system.

"Unlike the bar exams, the nursing board exams are more prone to leakage because of the type of test," said Angara.

Angara also said that this external audit body will be the primary guard against diploma mills in nursing, or nursing schools that desire to produce as many graduates as they can without maintaining good standards of learning.

"We need to have an external auditing body that will look into the system and processes of nursing schools. They will be responsible in ensuring that the board exams are free from leakage, and that our country continues to produce excellent nurses," said Angara.

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