Press Release
August 1, 2006


Mrs. Arroyos announcement this morning of giving the Philippine National Police (PNP) a 10-week deadline to resolve the extrajudicial killings is an empty promise and shows again her insensitivity and inconsistency to the families of the victims. Palabas lang lahat at maganda lang sa papel pero walang laman.

I am not prejudging the PNP or the AFP, but if Mrs. Arroyo is really sincere in her actions, why should she ask the agencies who are suspected of having a hand as well in these killings to do the investigation themselves. Its totally insensitive on the part of Mrs. Arroyo.

I challenge Mrs. Arroyo to do the following instead open the doors of the Philippines to the conduct of an independent review of its human rights records by the United Nations High Commission on Human Rights. I challenge her as well to renounce her all-out war policy. Since she made this all-out war policy, the killings and disappearances have increased.

Condemnation is not enough. To be able to avoid State obligation for a human rights violation, the State should be able to fulfill due diligence standards under international law. Due diligence standards can be fulfilled if the following obligations are fulfilled: The obligation to PROTECT; the obligation to INVESTIGATE; the obligation to PROSECUTE; and the obligation of REPARATION. Mrs. Arroyo so far has failed to comply with these obligations.

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