Press Release
May 18, 2006


Senator Manny Villar, President of the Nacionalista Party, joins all the Filipinos celebrating the triumph of Filipino climber Leo Oracion in reaching the summit of Mt. Everest the highest mountain in the world.

"At long last, a Filipino has conquered Mt. Everest and our flag now waving proudly atop the highest peak in the world. Credit goes to the indomitable spirit of Leo Oracion as well as the individuals and organizations who supported his ascent to Mt. Everest including Arturo Valdez, leader of the First Philippine Mount Everest Expedition."

Based on the message relayed by the team leader of the First Philippine Mt. Everest Expedition (FPMEE), 32-year-old Oracion reached the summit at 3:30 pm. Nepal time or 5:30 pm Philippine time.

"Congratulations are also in order to the other Filipino climbers and members of the First Philippine Mt. Everest Expedition who are continuing their quest to reach the peak of Mt. Everest. Let us continue praying for their safety."

"The perseverance and bravery of Filipino climbers show the whole world of the Filipinos' solid determination and indomitable spirit not even the highest mountain in the world is unconquerable when the Filipino sets his mind to conquering it."

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