Press Release
May 15, 2006


Senate Minority Leader Aquilino Q. Pimentel, Jr. (PDP-Laban) today belied the statement attributed to former President Joseph Estrada that the supposedly classified US government documents on the Philippine political situation that he (Estrada) received from Filipino-American intelligence analyst Leandro Aragoncillo were also furnished to him (Pimentel).

Pimentel was reacting to a published report in the Manila Standard-Today (May 11, 2006 issue) on the Aragoncillo case quoting Mr. Estrada as naming the senator as among the alleged recipients of intelligence reports by the Federal Bureau of Investigation that were allegedly downloaded by Aragoncillo from the FBI computer files.

I deny the statement in the Manila Standard-Today attributed to President Estrada, re: Aragoncillo case, to the effect that the information he (Estrada) received was also given to Sen. Pimentel. That statement is totally unfounded. Im sorry to say that it is also irresponsible, Pimentel said.

I have not corresponded with Aragoncillo directly or indirectly. I dont know the man from Cain, he said.

However, Pimentel admitted that former Police Chief Superintendent Michael Ray Aquino, who was based in New York, e-mailed him to request for help with his passport problem with the Department of Foreign Affairs.

He said all of Aquinos e-mails to him have been made public.

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