Press Release
May 4, 2006

'Stinging rebuke of Arroyo'-- Drilon

Senate President Franklin M. Drilon yesterday hailed the Supreme Court decision striking down the arrest of protesters, forcible break-up of rallies and raids on media under Presidential Proclamation 1017 for being unconstitutional. It was a "stinging rebuke of President Arroyo's questionable policies, its abiding obsession for abuse of and excesses in the exercise of power."

Drilon said the Supreme Court "once more stand s fast on the spirit and principles of our democratic constitution, especially in the protection of the civil and political liberties of the individual and the public, which are of paramount concern in a democratic and progressive society."

"I appeal to the officers and members of the police, the armed forces and other law-enforcement agencies not to obey illegal orders and to protect the civil and political rights of our citizens in accordance with their solemn oaths of office to defend and apply the provisions of the Constitution," Drilon said.

He also said that "the decisions of the Supreme Court declaring the unconstitutionality of the presidential directive for a calibrated preemptive response, Executive Order 464 and the implementation of PP 1017 vindicated the sustained efforts of the political opposition to challenge the repressive actions of the administration and shamed those who would defend the President no matter what."

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