Press Release
April 20, 2006

Statement of Senate President and Liberal Party head
Franklin Drilon on the Supreme Court decision declaring as unconstitutional Executive Order 464:

The Filipino people applaud the Supreme Court for finally declaring President Gloria Macapagal Arroyos infamous Executive Order 464 as unconstitutional and illegal.

Indeed, I am glad that we have a Supreme Court that is prepared to uphold the Constitution at all times. I certainly appreciate the courts independence.

If left unchallenged, EO 464 would have been disastrous to our democratic system of government. It is for this reason that the Senate, through a petition signed by 17 senators, brought the matter to the attention of the High Court.

This decision should remind Malacañang that ours is still a government of laws and not of men..

It should make the President realize that she can not overstep Constitutional boundaries, specifically those provided under the principle of separation of powers between the branches of government, just to suit her personal agenda.

The nullification of this patently and brazenly unconstitutional executive order should serve as a timely lesson to the President and her reckless legal advisers against abusing what they oftentimes misconceive as presidential prerogatives.

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