Press Release
February 22, 2006


Senate Minority Leader Aquilino Nene Q. Pimentel, Jr. (PDP-Laban) today said President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyos outrageous and boastful claim that she is the best leader for the country in this era of unending crises and disasters shows how insecure she is in the center of power, knowing how unpopular she is with the Filipino people because of her misdeeds in office and doubtful legitimacy.

Gloria is the worst person to lead this country because her mandate was stolen. Her victory in the 2004 election was tainted with unspeakable fraud, he said.

Unlike Muhammad Ali who said he was the best heavyweight boxer in the world and proved it by his unbeatable prowess in the ring, Gloria cannot prove even the legitimacy of her election in 2004.

Moreover, Pimentel said Mrs. Arroyos self-serving description of herself as a leader needed by the country is belied by the consistent failing mark she has received in nationwide surveys by reputable research outfits.

The President obtained a negative 30 approval rating while 58 percent of Filipinos wanted her to resign in the last quarterly survey of Social Weather Stations. Also about 80 percent of Filipinos wanted her impeached.

If Mrs. Arroyo believes that she is the best person to lead the country, why is her administration mired in all kinds of scandals that have alienated the citizens and undermined the confidence of investors? Why is she blocking congressional investigation of these scandals and anomalies? he said.

If Arroyo is doing well as president, Pimentel asked why there is so much restiveness in the military and why the communist insurgency is becoming more serious problem.

Pimentel said the truth is the countrys progress continues to be stunted because the Arroyo government is hopelessly politically unstable.

He said the acute mass poverty of majority of Filipinos renders meaningless the Presidents persistent claim that the country is on the verge of economic takeoff.

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